I met Christy the first day of high school in 1986, but I knew of Christy long before that fateful day.

A mutual friend had pulled each of us aside before our first encounter at school and told us “You will be best friends, not just for high school, but for life.” Truer words had never been spoken. Christy was a package deal; she had an identical twin, Katrina and another best friend, Becky. The four of us were inseparable through high school and today.  When Christy passed, the words continued to live on in our hearts.

From terrible tragedy came the foundation in the way I contribute to changing the world. Becky, Katrina and I help women who need a hand to make their lives safe and rewarding. We vowed to honor Christy and her love of shoes by helping women in challenging circumstances “step up” to a better life through our efforts. Everyday I am able to impact the life of a woman in a great way.

Previously, I have worked in the hospitality industry for many years engaging in multiple roles from bartender to service captain and events coordinator. I took a brief step out of the restaurant business to parlay my customer service skills in the spa industry, working with both independent and national chains.

Currently, I am the Chief Development Officer and one of the founders of In Christy’s Shoes. My roots began as a Buckeye and then to Arlington, Virginia and then to Winston-Salem, North Carolina. I work for Republic National Distributing Company and enjoy the fast pace of my job in this slow pace of life setting. My adorable pups Dashi & Brutus love all the greenery and friends they have made.

My efforts focus and revolve around In Christy’s Shoes as I work with our Ohio based team. I serve in planning events in both Ohio and Virginia, developing ideas for fund-raising and supporting the mission. I coordinate the events and growth of In Christy’s Shoes in the Northern Virginia and beyond.

Jacki Daugherty
Chief Development Officer